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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A-Scouting We Will Go!

When I got this February's Club Scrap Refresh Kit, I immediately thought of Scouting! I think that the colors and designs of the kit really brought these Cub & Girl Scouting photos to life! Both of these digital layouts were published in the DigiRap Newsletter that went out with the February Club Scrap Digital Refresh Kits!

Sebek and Fluffy Digital Layout

If there is an element in the DigiLayouts that your want for your own creation, just grab it! Copy any portion of the DigiLayout, edit out any stray marks or backgrounds and paste it right onto your original creation! In this layout, I used the "two thousand seven" sticker from DigiLayout number 16 on my design. I also used a free font, Do I Like Stripes?, as an alternate for the kit's font.

And, yes! That is an actual alligator that my son is holding! His name is Fluffy!!! Once I held him, myself, I got the name... his underside is so squishy, it's nearly fluffy! But, what a patient animal! After Sebek was done holding him, all of the other scouts, their siblings, and some parents took turns! Not one drop of annoyance or resistance to it! Did I mention, I love reptiles! And, since my son's name is that of the Egyptian Crocodile God, we had to take the photo op!

Brownies 2006 DigiLayout

This little layout will be a title page for a 6x6 (or maybe 8x8?) Brownies album for 2006! I took this month's beveled alphabet and altered the colors and size. I used the scratchy frame transparencies (be sure to erase scratch marks from your children's faces.. and green ones from their pants... don't want everyone to think that they are grass stained!) to create my photo matte... and beveled it just for kicks!

I love this photo of my girls... we had just completed a Brownies' field trip class at a local Audubon site and decided to explore! There are some other delicious shots of them under a gigantic fallen tree, near overturned tree roots learning about everything embedded within the dirt, and more! At this point, we were on a little footbridge over a lovely mossy stream while discovering a fun geocache!

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