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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Digital Templates - 9 New Layouts & 1 Free Template

Starting in 2008, Club Scrap has begun offering Digital Templates to use for your layouts. These are layered images that you can add any digital papers, embellishments, and photos to while using the same layout structure completely, or partially. To help visualize the process, I've included a picture of each layout's components as well as the finished layout... and at the bottom of this post you can get a free template that I created!

The Palace of Love - Ingredients

The Palace of Love

Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #1, CS01, CS02, CS07, Fbr01, Fbr06, Tag30;
Fonts: The King & Queen; Passions Conflict;

The photos are of an installation at our favorite local art museum from last year! I used the first template in the From the Heart kit on this one and warped a few sizes, rotated and resized the inked edges to add them to the photos, and altered the hues.

The Sentinel - Ingredients

The Sentinel

Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #1's inked edges; Serengeti 11/07 Digital Kit- CS05,CS06, CS07, CS08; Refresh 2/07 - Trans04, Trans05, Trans16, Trans17, Trans18;
Font: Dali;

I used only the inked edges from From the Heart 2008 DigiTemplate #1, altered hues, and "die cut" the digital papers.

The Sentinel by Thomas Frederick Hoppin c. 1851, one of the first large scale bronze sculptures case in the United States and installed at Roger Williams Parks Zoo where it is a favorite of many children. 9/17/2006

Spring 1994 - Ingredients

Spring 1994

Club Scrap: A Study In Red 1/08 Digital Kit - ALSB Layout 03, CS08, CS09, Fibr05, Tag19, Xtra14; From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template 10;
Font: Passions Conflict;

I combined an ALSB Layout with a different template and some additional elements to create a layout somewhere in between the two!

Corn Husk Dolls - Ingredients

Corn Husk Dolls

Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #10; Be Still 9/07 Digital Kit - Trans05; Centennial 2007 Digital Kit - CS01, CS03, CS04, CS07, CS09, Fibers10, Fibers11, Trans08, Xtra47;
Aquiline Two Font;

From a Native American Festival that my mom took the kids and some Russian exchange students to... the kids & my mother made those corn husk dolls!

Corn Husk Doll Mug - Ingredients

Corn Husk Doll Mug

I borrowed the overlapping photos from the template, actually borrowing from my layered Corn Husk Doll layout, to create this insert for my coffee tumbler.

LobsterFest - Ingredients


Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - DigiTemplate #7; Rhapsody 3/07 Digital Kit - CS01, CS05, CS10, Trans05, Trans06, Trans11, Trans15, Trans22;
Font: Belisa Plumilla Manual;

Candyland - Ingredients


Club Scrap: A Study in Red 1/08 Digital Kit - CS01, CS03, CS08, Tag24; From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #5, Fbr02, Fbr05;
Font: Concrete Shoes;
Lyrics from Oreo Candy Bites Commercial, sung by Melanie Horsnell of Forever Thursday;

Walk for Autism Research Gametime - Ingredients

Walk for Autism Research Gametime

Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #3; Surf's Up! 7/06 Digital Kit - CSBlue, CSDkGreen, CSPSalmon2, Fiber09, Trans02, Trans15;
Font: Hobby;

501st Garrison - Ingredients

501st Garrison

Club Scrap: From the Heart 2008 Digital Kit - Template #2; Sparkle 12/07 Digital Kit - CS01, CS02, CS10, CS11, Fbr03, Fbr14, Tran20, Tran22, Xtra15;
Font: Passions Conflict;

Bald Eagle Cotton Candy Spider and the Fly

These three layouts each used templates from their respective digital kits and the details can be found in their blog post by clicking on the thumbnails above! The two from Bridges 2/08 stay fairly true to the templates, but the Avant Garde 3/08 layout only uses the chrome ring from the template.

Cotton Candy

Club Scrap: Avant Garde 3/08 Digital Kit - Apricot JR Print 05, White JR Print 06;
Font Garden: FG Amelia Computer Font;
Scan of my own hand-drawn lines;
Photoshop Elements: Distort - Warp;

This is a layout that I created using the Avant Garde 3/08 Digital Kit along with scans of my own doodles, the Distort: Wave Filter, and some drop shadows. I've included a free template for you to make this layout! Please right-click to save this link.


Anonymous said...

As always, your work is just amazing.

Thanks for the free digi template!

April P.

Hetty said...

What great pages, Neith! They are much better to see here than on the lounge. Love your daughters!! They make georgeous pictures!!