Neith"s Crafty Creations - image created with Club Scrap DigiDeluxe Refresh and Serengeti Kits

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlets by Neith Juch

Club Scrap Digital Demo Kit Let Me Count The Ways 2/06;

To create this layout, I used the template from the and new Free Digital Demo Kit and chose my own papers, altered the sizes and layer styles of each element, and added inked edges to the two main papers.

We've been working hard on donations for the church fair! I coordinated and ran projects with the youth group to create a number of items to sell, made more goodies on my own, and worked with my kids to create even more! These gauntlet style gloves were inspired by both Selena Gomez's character in Wizards of Waverly Place and the clearance children's knitting machine that we found and have made tons of knit tubes from! (Note that the gloves will actually sell in matched pairs, but I needed to take a sample photo to display!) The kids probably cranked out about half of the gloves and I stitched thumb holes into them... we're also donating some cards, gift bags, crochet produce bags, and amigurumi catnip treats! Wish us luck with the sales tomorrow!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nature's Bounty and Beauty - 3 Digital Layouts

Topsfield Fair 2008 by Neith Juch

Milestones 12/08 CS DigiKit;

Really get the colors to pop on your prints by layering on another copy of the same print (or a solid) and applying the Layer Style of Overlay to it! Be sure to grab colors from your page to use for your fonts.

Sometimes a crisp and clean color block treatment is just what you need for a layout! To create a perfect color block in PSE, Click on View: Grid and use Edit: Preferences to adjust the spacing of your grid lines. You'll want to check off View: Snap To: Grid. You can resize elements to fit within the gridlines and also use the rectangular marquee tool in order to cut away anything that falls outside of the grid lines that you want to use.

Thoreau's Lake by Neith Juch

Refresh 2/07 DigiGoodies; Scan of my own inked edge paper;

There are times when a photo speaks for itself and very little else is needed... and other times when you just want to add an image to a favorite quote.

 by Neith Juch

Body and Soul 5/08 DigiGoodies;

I know that I have more photos of Lynch Park than I can count... but I have spent so much time there between my own childhood and sharing it with my children. I think that this is the only very low tide photo that I've scrapped though!