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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Beaded Chain Necklaces

Each and every month there is both a new full Portion Cup of Beads and an Embellishment and Bead Pack to coordinate with the month's kit! They usually come with plenty of beads in this particular size range and a wonderful color arrangement!

Why not create some simple Beaded Chain Necklaces and Bracelets from them? Or, better yet, let me teach a jewelry workshop for you! A full, adult-sized necklace can take up to 2 hours, but a bracelet can go quicker and leave everyone with the skills and the supplies to make many more!

Here are a few examples of them, using only beads from the kit, wire, and occasional charms or findings from the local craft shop!

Childs Necklace CS Fizz 1/07 by Neith Juch

On the Fizz January 2007 Child's Necklace, I created my own, off centered, heart-shaped link to match the prints and stamps from the kit and will be giving it to my daughters with a matching Valentine's Day card!

This Interior Designs November 2006 Butterfly Necklace uses larger beads, roughly matched for size and color with the bead on the opposite side of the chain . . . There's no reason to limit yourself to just one size or shape of beads!

This Ivory Elegance December 2006 necklace uses plastic wrapped FunWire salvaged from a beaded reindeer ornament kit! The end result is that it matches an outfit of mine perfectly and has a wonderful and unique look!

On this Wheel & Sprocket August 2006 Red Hatter necklace, I had a lot of fun creating the pendant! The beads are a clearer bright red and deep purple, but with the triple looped finding that I created, all that I can see is a wonderfully curvy woman with her arms swinging as you move!

There are countless ways to use a beaded chain like this... add focal beads or pendants that you buy or create, use multiple strands, add charms to each link for a fun bracelet, etc! Even coordinating earrings!


Stamperosity said...

Wow...these are beautiful! While I have always wanted to do "something" with all the beads that I have collected from Club Scrap, I don't have the patience to do all the wire working...I have tried, but I just don't like how my wire work turns out. YOURS are fabulous!!! Great work.

Neith Juch, Food For Craft Independent Crafter said...

Give this a try! I liek working with minineedle nose pliers that taper to sucha tiny end.

I cut 2cm of wire per bead, made a loop in one end, added the bead, then trimmed the wire a little and made the opposite loop... then you just have to slide on the previous loop to your next link before you finish a loop on it :)

If not, there's always tiger tail or Beadalon to just fill with beads and close off the ends wwith a crimp beaded loop!

Vernell said...

WOW - these came out awesome. I love them all but especailly the red hatter one. Great job.

Neith Juch, Food For Craft Independent Crafter said...

Thank you, Vernell! Yeah "she" was so much fun! Now I need a little time to make some companion pieces for her... like a clay covered altoid tin to hold her! I have it all pictured in my head, but sooo much more to do right now! And I can't make the tin late at night in bed or while watching movies with the kids like I can do with the jewelry!

{S} said...

loving your blog!
Thanks for the loving advice you left me the other day. I appreciate it! :~)
Oh! I linked you. :~)

Sean Carter said...

Hey they look absolutely wonderful...and the ywould make a nice gift on Valentines Day as well...thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us...well hey also do drop by my blog sometime and find out some of the unique ideas and suggestions i've posted there for Valentines Day...visit soon and do share your thoughts as well!!!

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