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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Digital Mugs!

I posted a few of these custom, digitally designed, mug liners in the past and am hard at work making more! My goal is to have at least 12-18 of these designed and to serve coffee in them at all of my banquet workshops!

CSDigiGoodies Refresh 2/07 Kit, Photography by Neith

The above mug is part of a more masculine pair of mugs... not exactly what you expect to see on a food container, but I love these none the less! This one was created using Club Scrap DigiGoodies Refresh 2/07 Kit and the CheltPress font. I warped my text using a technique shown in the DigiRap from the same kit! I also added a pepper frame, inner glow, and drop shadows along with tags from the kit and a DigiTemplate that I designed!

CSDigiGoodies Surf's Up! 7/06 & Ivory Elegance 12/06 Kits, Photography by Neith

This frog mug really warms my heart! The frog, itself, was so engaging and genuinely seemed to love being held and gently pet by my children! How could I resist putting him on a mug?

I used the Surf's Up! 7/06 DigiDeluxe/Goodies for the background cardstock, the tag, and the green mattes. Then I added in Ivory Elegance 12/06 DigiGoodies/Deluxe for the thin brown matte and the swirled transparency images as well as the glass bubble! I scanned in the mug's template and resized a copy of the image to create the shape for my mattes and photo. I also altered the colors of the papers and transparencies to go a little bit better with my photo. I added inner glows, drop shadows, and homemade splatter brushed edges as well!

CSDigiGoodies Surf's Up! 7/06 & Ivory Elegance 12/06 Kits, Photography by Neith

If you would like to see the mug designs that I posted earlier, please visit my 12/23/06 Blog Entry, Another Last Minute Gift Idea. And, if you would like to purchase the mugs, they are from Dollar Tree! They are called "16oz Picture Tumbler #858563" (the front of the item says "Photo Tumbler") with UPC 6 39277 58563 9!


VexedAngel said...

Well, that's a cool idea, I didn't know they were from the $ Tree! Do you warp the photos, too, or just crop them in that shape?

Neith Juch said...

Sorry, so late, I think I emailed back? But, not I just warp the shape that I fill with a photo/matte... and some text gets wraped here and there :)