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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Embed Morse Code, Etc Into Your Layouts

Are you looking for more creative ways to title your layouts? Have you thought about using a code? You could try converting your message to binary code (like my husband did with my birthday candles last night!), morse code, braille or anything you dream up! In this layout, the knotted rope spells out "ROPE" to go along with a photo where I was learning and practicing rope coiling, but had also learned morse code, knot typing, and a whole lot more at our extended field trip to Mystic Seaport!

Learning the Ropes

Club Scrap: Academy 8/07 - B&B UM Stamps; Interior Designs 11/06 - Brown Plain; Retreat 2006 - Translucent Print; Wild Wild West 10/05 - Brick Plain; Scrapbook Takeout: Adventures in Altering 8/07 - Heidi Swapp Raw Chipboard Alphabet Lemonade Stand; Zig: Memory Writer - Pure Chocolate; Packing Cord (titled with a morse code pattern);

If you don't want to incorporate it into the title, what about using it for a background pattern? There are so many ways to hide messages in your art! Another cool idea is to include your message in a pattern for knitting or crocheting! Knitty Gritty had Adina Klein in Episode DKNG-410 with her Fibonacci Knitting designs. Uncommon Threads featured Barry Klein and Fayla Reiss demonstrating how they use dates, converted to numbers, to create crochet plaid patterns in episode DUCT-242.


VexedAngel said...

That's a really neat idea, Neith, love it! May have to do the binary idea on a layout for T.

Neith Juch said...

Run with it! I linked to a few code charts on there, but there are so many you can use :) I'm always leaving my kids encrypted messages in their desks when I come for their annual open house! I didn't leave a key for Sebek one time and used a chart in the room to let him solve it from :) I've also often set up clock hands in a layout to signify a month and day or a year, etc :) If those clock hands are independent, there's no reason why they shouldn't bear a message! :)