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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Glue Free Handmade Books

I am really loving these little books! They require a little bit of folding and a tiny bit of snipping... Then, voila! You have created a dynamic book which can contain all kinds of secret messages and images when you remove the components from one another! Or, you can use glue (gasp), and make the structure permanent!

Mini Books, Glue Free Handmade Book in Center

The images above and below feature an assortment of Handmade Mini Book projects that I have taught! Clockwise, from the center top book, they are the Fizz 1/07 Pocket Page Book, Fizz 1/07 Amazing Maze Book, Painted Desert 5/05 Squash/Explosion Book, Painted Desert 5/05 Glue Free Handmade Book, Painted Desert 5/05 & Nature's Wonders 5/06 Squash/Explosion Book, and the Mini Kit for a Cause Squash/Explosion Book!

Mini Books, Glue Free Handmade Book in Center

Below is a sample of the Glue Free Handmade Book with the spine removed... When all the parts are together, these "back" pages are concealed. What a wonderful way to add some hidden journaling and images, or to just surprise whomever you give it to!

Glue Free Handmade Book (open with spine removed)


Lynn Anne said...

Hi - I came to see your glue free books after seeing a post on Diversity, but the pics dont come up. Did you remove them? Honestly I'm looking for a make n take idea to use at a charity crop I'm doing in September...when I read you use them as make n takes I was doubly interested..

Sidrah Amir said...

Hey lady .. I m in love wd ur paper crafting technique . cn u share some of ur paper crafting tutorials :) ?