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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What Inspires You? Share & You May Win a Prize!

A common question on all scrapbooking message boards seems to be "What inspires you?" The answer is different for everyone and can vary over time.

For some it is simply their own photographs, for others supplies inspire the design. Many more will look at creations made by others in order to spark their own creativity. Take a trip over to the bookstore and you will find countless magazines and even books filled with layouts and with design tips. There are many color picking tools/wheels to help you select color schemes. (There is of course the wealth of coordinating items that come in kits like Club Scrap's Kits...) Also look in that same magazine aisle to find beautifully laid out magazine pages, both articles and advertisements, and allow them to inspire a layout or two! Go online and countless resources open up to you...

You can find message boards where you share directly with the people that you chat with. Many sites have special events and challenges to help kick start your creativity and offer up prizes! One wonderful way to do this is to frequent boards made for fans of your favorite companies! There are also websites for all the magazines and more generic scrapbooking boards and galleries. Blogs are also a wonderful resource.

In the next few weeks I will be adding a number of inspiring links to the bottom left of my blog pages and would love if you would post your favorite points of inspiration in my comments! On February 20th I'll draw names from a list of everyone who commented with a link and I will send you a little prize... so make sure that I have a way to contact you for your address!

In the meantime I would like to share a few creations that I made for this past weekend's Crop-O-Rama online crop at's Scrapbooking Forum! You've already seen one layout and 4 cards (including one that used this
Color Scheme Generator thanks to Shakira's wonderful link), but here are two digital layouts... also inspired through Shakira! She posted a series of Advertisements for us to base our designs on... often I will take a sketch and really warp it in my final creation... but I stayed pretty true to the layouts this time!

Giving CSD 2/07 Fizz Layout

On this layout I used Club Scrap Digital Deluxe/Goodies 2/07 Fizz Kit along with FG Vanda Font, and Photoshop Elements 5.0's Pepper Frame, Drop Shadows, and Outer Glow functions. (All of the page elements except for the button "G" are available as part of the physical 2/07 Fizz Kit!)
Ad Inspiration for Giving CSD 2/07 Fizz Layout

Wellfleet Free Day CSD 11/06 Interior Designs and 12/06 Ivory Elegance Layout

Ad Inspiration for Wellfleet Free Day CSD 11/06 Interior Designs and 12/06 Ivory Elegance Layout
With this simple and clean layout, I used Club Scrap Digital Deluxe/Goodies 11/06 Interior Designs Paper with Club Scrap Digital Deluxe/Goodies 12/06 Ivory Elegance Transparencies and Monoscript Corsiva Font. Through Photoshop Elements 5.0, I adjusted the Hue/Saturation of the Light Brown Cardstock to create the 3 alternate shades of paper. (All of the page elements except for the button "G" are available as part of the physical 11/06 Interior Designs and 12/06 Ivory Elegance Kits!)

Neith's Crop-O-Rama 2007 Creations


audrey said...

Things that inspire me, there are so many things, from the look in my child’s eye, to the sun shining through the trees. Inspiration doesn’t have to come from an object but it can come from a sound , a smell or even a feeling. Everyday and all around there are so many inspiring happening you just need to let your self see them.

DBD said...

Beautiful work Neith - great ad-inspiration stuff!

audrey said...

As Neith so politly pointed out, I forgot to add my links, well out side of my own world I get inspiration from my friends on great websites like the scrapbooking forum and forum. The work that these ladies do is amazing inpires me to do better scrapbooks!!!

DeborahW said...

I am mainly a digi-scrapper now and have found tons of inspiration on a number of websites. Some of my favorites are (fantastic tutorials),, and I like a clean, classic look to my pages, so I love to look through Martha Stewart Living and Archetectural Digest magazines when I need ideas for page layouts.

Neith Juch, FFC Ind. Banquet Crafter said...

Awesome links and ideas, everyone! I have a few old architectural mags and keep meaning to go look at more in the bookstore and library... they sure are gorgeous!

But, DeborahW... I don't have your email for if you win. If you aren't a regular instant messenger pal of mine, please make sure your post links to your own blog or that you email me your email/Yahoo Messenger just in case you win!

VexedAngel said...

Here's a few blogs:

Elsie Flanigan:

Ali Edwards:

Emily Falconbridge:

And I finally succumbed to the siren call of kits this fall. Here are some of my faves:


Scrapbook Takeout:

Jenni Bowlin:

And a couple of books:
52 Challenges by Elsie Flanigan:

Supply Savvy by Erin Lincoln:

Lynn Anne said...

Card inspiration from Paperlicious blog -

Anonymous said...

I get everyday inspiration from Scrap Friends - - everything from new product reviews to how tos to the mbs.

Lynn Anne said...

Hey! That Scrap Friends wasn't anonymous - it was me - darned thing clicked before I got my name typed in !

Neith Juch, FFC Ind. Banquet Crafter said...

Hehee, you are cracking me up, Lynn Anne! Btw, I tried to give you a comment but it wants a whole song and dance... still reeling from the after effects of a flu :( Left you a post at Diversity Designs!

TY to you and to Ann Marie!

{S} said...

I get inspiration everywhere. Especially from you, Ann and so many others that are constantly creating and sharing your passions.

Anonymous said...

My most recent inspirations have come from fashion! Not my own fashion, which is very boring...but those of my 20-something daughters and her friends! Cool mixes of patterns and colors that I would never have put together!