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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The ICA Boston Art Lab on Concrete Jungle Digital

The ICA Boston Art Lab on Concrete Jungle Digital by Neith Juch

The ICA Boston Art Lab
No trip to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston could be complete without some time in the Art Lab! On this visit we got to experiment with family and self portraits while being inspired by the creativity of other visitors! This month's kit had the perfect designs and colors to complement our photos, from bold pop icons to vibrant color schemes, and a slightly subdued digital print created the perfect backdrop! 4/25/09

Club Scrap: Concrete Jungle 6/09 Digital Sr Kit - DigiBG1, Font13, FontA2, FontC, FontI2, Font02, Print6, Sticker04, WMCS; Inked Edges Vol 1 - 12x12b;

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Pam said...

Neith - did you know your blog header (at least the way it picks up in Bloglines) still says "I recently became a FFCer" and to come to the 2007 Rolling Retreat in MA? FYI...