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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Going Green: Crochet Produce & Gift Bags

Crochet Produce Bags in Hot Green and Off White

I'm going to start to showcase some more of my crafts that don't always involve paper, stamps, or beads. And, this week I'm going to provide you all with some environmentally friendly ideas! To kick it off, here's my latest obsession, Crochet Produce Bags!

Crochet Produce Bags in Rose Pink and NaturalI've whipped up a bunch of these for myself and for gifts! Every time we go out shopping with our lime green bags, we get tons of attention and I can't even begin to count the number of people that I've directed to the instructions! I've consistently managed to make one bag during a single dvd viewing (including bonus features) and have made others while walking around in Boston or riding the subway and train during our day trips this month! Also, they make great gift wrap bags! You can see them here holding sets of ALSB pages that we're giving as gifts! (Think Down to Earth, Hometown, Farmer's Market, Salsa, etc!)

I absolutely adore this "donate what you can" Crochet Grocery Bag Pattern By Haley Waxberg (proceeds help pay for a woman's reconstructive surgery). It's a simple combination of single crochet, chain, and slip stitches to create a wonderfully stretchy netted produce/shopping bag.

Crochet Produce Bags in Rose Pink and NaturalI altered the pattern, just a little, in between the increasing rows, I did one less row than called for and did 12-14 of the ch5 rows as the main body.. also, I thickened my straps a little and used 100% cotton by Lily and by Bernat.


Audrey said...

The girls are adorable modeling your fabulous bags! Go girl Go green!

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

I love these! I made a similar bag years ago, but it's long gone... I'll have to go to the instruction site you posted & check it out. Great idea using them for gift wrapping!

Neith Juch said...

Aren't they just awesome? In and of themselves they are enough of a gift for certain people... but for those who I love to spoil, they make great gift bags! I just gave my mom her birthday book in a larger bag like it, made of ticker tape yarn... It doesn't seem so huge when it's empty, but my pipsqueak, Uatchet, could fit in it just fine!