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Monday, June 9, 2008

Body & Soul: 1 Card plus 2 Digital Layouts

I have such a pile building up of pages that I need to scan and add here, but today I'll go with some that are already on my computer ;) Both of the layouts were made using the Body & Soul 5/08 Club Scrap Digital Kit and the card was made by using the digital transparency images on my photograph before printing and matting it!

Duckling Photograph by Audrey Schiller, DigiLayout by Neith Juch

Photography by Audrey Schiller
Club Scrap: Body & Soul 5/08 Digital Kit - DP04, DP07, DP10, Exp02, Tag07, Tran08, Tran13, Trans21, Xtra06, Xtra29;

I created my own custom background/printed matte in Photoshop Elements by using Filter >> Texture >> Grain >> Stippled and then by layering the kit's papers and transparencies with various blending modes and deleted areas of the photo until I was happy with the results.

As soon as I saw my friend's photos of the baby ducklings in her neighborhood, I knew I had to use them with this kit! You can see more of her work at her new photography blog!

Sparkle: Body and Soul DigiLayout by Neith

Club Scrap: Body & Soul 5/08 Digital Kit - DP04, Tran08, Tran14; Sparkle 12/07 Digital Kit - Tran22, Xtra54;
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0: Blending Modes - Multiply, Screen; Artistic Filters - Film Grain, Smudge Stick; Render Filter - Lens Flare;

For our very first sparkler experience, of course my camera was not ready and when I got it out I kept having to dodge the 7 kids to get a photo... winding up with just one unobscured shot, but it was blurry! What's a gal to do but mess around with the photo digitally?

Take Time Card by Neith Juch

Club Scrap: Body & Soul 5/08 Digital Kit - Transparencies; Painted Desert 5/06 Flower Embossed Plain Paper, Sand Plain Paper;
Stewart Superior: Palette Ink Pad - Noir Black;
Adobe Photoshop: Layer Effects - Soft Glow;

Printing text/images as part of your printed photograph can be a wonderful way to make a photographic card and add a sentiment... It's also very handy if you want to produce a lot of the same card, or just want the text to show up! You can always create a contrasting colored layer of the text under it then enlarge and soften it, add drop shadows, or add a soft glow so that it will be legible even on high contrast photos!

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