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Friday, December 7, 2007

Digital Hybrids and Flash Cards

Still working on kicking the winter colds/flus and my blood pressure drops which come whenever I catch a bug :( But I did manage a few new things :)

The newest is a hybrid of Digital Scrapbooking and actual papers... a simple little jewelry holder for some pieces that I made as gifts! I've put earrings, pendants, and rings in them so far!

Serengeti Digi Jewelry Holders by Neith Juch

Tricia Morris had posted a sample jewelry holder on and it inspired me to make these new holders with the popout hanger section! I had been using mini gift bags from my Sizzix machine up until now, but I had a few new pendants which were too long for the bags and decided it was time to mix things up a bit!

I used the Serengeti 11/07 CS Digital Kit to create the simple holders (with my contact info on the back as the jewelry designer). The inside is made simply by taking the Yellow print and using the magic wand to select all of the yellow for deletion, then using Enhance >> Adjust Color >> Color Variations in PSE to remove a little green from the piece (since it is printed on the actual greenish-yellow paper I wanted the original background to show through and for the colors to be less distorted). I used the same Color Variations on the outside cover to remove some blue and green (it will make the lion charm appear reddish on your screen but will print truer to the original color on top of your Light Teal paper).

I simply used my X-Acto knife and ruler to cut horizontal lines for the pop out bars and used my bone folder to score vertically at the ends of each pop out section... The Score-It tool did the main folds at the center quite nicely! I also added a little color using Direct To Paper inking with Ranger's Distress Inks in Peeled Paint and Broken China on all of the edges and on the inside of the Light Teal paper wherever it would be visible! These were some very quick and simple holders!

I also wanted to share a few of the Korean language flash cards that I've begun for my kids! When I am ready to print a large batch they'll be printed on photo paper with the edges inked and matted on cardstock... possibly even laminated, I haven't decided!

Kee Reen Korean Language Flash Card by Neith Juch

Ko Ggi Ri Korean Language Flash Card by Neith Juch

Ol Ruk Mal Korean Language Flash Card by Neith Juch

Saja Korean Language Flash Card by Neith Juch

I adored the animal stamps/transparencies from the Serengeti 11/07 Club Scrap Kits and really wanted to incorporate them into these cards with some zoo photos (yeah, I need to get a better zebra shot!). To do so, I used the paintbrush tool with a very soft brush to color a layer underneath the transparencies and erased most places where I went outside of the lines, maintaining a little bit of a transparent look to the finished pieces. I used the brush in the same colors to fill in the romanized version of each Korean word by making a text layer, simplifying the layer, selecting the area the layer took up, then opening a new layer and painting into my selection with the brush.

I also die cut the Korean font out of other papers from the kit and stretched and altered some of the transparency images to make frames or mattes for my photographs. On the Zebra card, I used the same transparency for the three accent squares and then stretched it for my photo frame, erasing the lines inside of the box.

On the lion card, I made ready use of the pattern making tips from the Serengeti 11/07 DigiRap. I also used the same Color Variations to alter the lion charm, and even used the burn technique from the Great Outdoors 10/07 DigiRap!

I know that they aren't too complicated... But I am planning to print them out at about the size of a license since I have the perfect laminating pouches for that size and also some playing card box kits from Club Scrap, way back to Wild Wild West 10/05!


Jessica Lynn said...

You do amazing work! Congrats!

Happy Holidays!

Hetty said...

Wonderful pages Neith!!

Jac said...

Neith I am so glad to have finally found you - and your work is amazing. Your babies have grown so much - I have 2 now the eldest is being assessed for autism in the new year so we'll see and a 2 yr old.

Not a week has gone past over the last few years I'm guessing it is that I haven't wondered how you all are going.... Hope you don't mind me keeping up with your blog

Jacqueline - Australia

Kathy Eddy said...

Wow, these zoo pages are amazing Neith! I just love them. You really captured the feel here! Kathy Eddy

Neith Juch said...

Thank you guys!

Jac, please email me! Your profile doesn't give me any way to contact you and I'd love to get back in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neith - I finally had the chance to take a look at what you have been up to and just love everything. I am looking forward to the day when we can hang out and maybe do some art together at a Retreat.

Take care of you